Paper Cups


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PAPER CUPS FACTORY - we know everything about cups

Paper cups manufactured by Paper Cups Factory are designed for those who appreciate modern solutions, high quality and ecology. We have the highest quality disposable paper cups, antibacterial cups and biodegradable cups. Our activity is a response to the needs of the vending industry around the world - we offer both ready-made paper cups, ideal for hot drink machines or necessary in HoReCa and for water dispensers, as well as personalized products.

Cups for vending machines

Knowledge of the vending market has made Paper Cups Factory offer disposable paper cups that perfectly meet the industry's requirements: they have larger, always the same spacing between cups and do not require loosening. It is a response to the needs of customers from the vending industry.

Antybakteryjne, biodegradowalne kubki papierowe jednorazowe